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OpenVPN speed tweaking

OpenVPN is among the most popular VPN servers today.

Unfortunately, it seems to come with defaults that considerably lower maximum throughput.

Here are the tweaks I employ to increase my speed by a factor of 15-30x.

Server config

# usually resides in /etc/openvpn
proto udp # instead of tcp

Client config

# in your ovpn file (or specify as command-line arguments)
tun-mtu 8192
fragment 0
mssfix 0
sndbuf 0
rcvbuf 0
cipher camellia-128-cbc
proto udp # instead of tcp

Casual benchmark

Here are the numbers from speedtest.net, before I employed the tweaks:

ping 126ms
dl 0.5mbps
ul 0.5mbps

And this is afterwards:

ping 74ms
dl 15mbps
ul 1mbps

Besides these numbers, I can regularly see the speed improvements in my torrent client.