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HOdlcoin mining with Docker

HOdlcoin is a cryptocoin designed for CPU-only hashing.

For more information, visit http://hodlcoin.com.

Alex Ellis has a handy Docker setup based on cpuminer-opt here: https://github.com/alexellis/mine-with-docker/

The pool he gives as an example doesn’t work, perhaps it is no longer active.

Instead, I’m using the Stratum pool here: http://hodl.optiminer.pl/. The port is 5555.

We can invoke docker service or docker run to start our mining operation:

docker run alexellis2/cpu-opt:2018-1-2 \
    ./cpuminer -a hodl -o stratum+tcp://hodl.optiminer.pl:5555 \
        --cpu-affinity 0xf # hex bitmask of cores to use, this uses the first 4