Leslie Polzer

Last update: 17 Jun 2019; lpolzer.com/cv
+1 236 333 2138
German citizen. Currently residing in Vancouver BC, Canada, open to relocation and remote work.

Key skills

Leadership Advanced 5 years Managed teams of up to 12 people. PM methodologies (focus Agile), delegation, coaching, planning, hiring
Go Intermediate 2 years Resilient web service backend for video conversion, integrated with Ethereum. Internet exchange backend auditing software.
Python Advanced 6 years Focus on web development, numeric computation and command-line tools
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced 2 years Worked with AWS services on a daily basis as an Amazon employee.
Linux, BSD, Unix Expert 17 years Systems programming, scripting, distribution engineering, security
Containers, VM Intermediate 7 years Docker, VirtualBox, Linux Containers (LXC)
JavaScript Intermediate 10+ years TypeScript, React/Redux/Saga
Java, Scala, Kotlin Intermediate 4+ years Big data applications, scaling and distributed systems
Shell scripting Advanced 15 years bash, zsh
C Advanced 8 years Network programming, drivers, system tools
Blockchains Intermediate 10 years Designed a private blockchain ledger/wallet system for a finance and sports betting joint venture, back when Bitcoin was still worth less than a dollar. (2010)
Standard practices Advanced 10+ years Good working knowledge of standard tools and practices such as git, hg, Continuous Integration, TDD, etc.
Other Have jumped in on many other technologies as needed; have used PHP, Ruby, CouchDB, Perl etc.

Work experience

January 2018–Present: Amazon, Inc.

Working as project lead and software engineer. Focus on AWS technologies.

Focus on extreme scalability, resilience and reliability using public and proprietary Cloud technology.

Infrastructure as code. Operational excellence.

2012–2016: PORT ZERO

Founded PORT ZERO, a Berlin-based software consulting company.

Along with my business partner, I was responsible for business development, acquisitions, finances, legal concerns, employee leadership and software architectural design.

2008-2013: Stardawn Consulting

Worked as a freelancer with a focus on web development and Common Lisp.

Projects included a complete XML/XSLT/PDF document generation pipeline with Apache FOP, a browser game named Thanandar and a sports betting arbitrage platform called YoBetit, along with various WordPress sites.

2007-2008: Telefunken Radio Communications

As a software development intern, I worked on high-speed train communication systems based on Linux. My thesis topic was Configuration Management.

Other experience


Graduated 2007 with a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science, Industrial Automation) from Berufsakademie Heidenheim, Germany.